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pzrProfessional teeth cleaning is a useful addition to your daily oral hygiene and a good investment in the health and preservation of your teeth and gums. Our specially trained staff thoroughly clean your teeth and surrounding structures, polish and fluoridate the enamel, thereby ensuring that your teeth can do their job in an inflammation-free gum bed. For patients with no periodontal history, we recommend cleaning 1 to 2 times per year. The cleaning also includes the removal of numerous discolorations caused, for example, by tea, coffee or tobacco. With the help of the Airflow, a powder jet device, even stubborn color residues can be removed. This is how we help you achieve a radiant white smile!

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Zahnarztpraxis Kaiserstraße
Dr. Jacobsen & Kollegen

Kaiserstraße 3


D-24143 Kiel

+49 431 77 4 77

Consultation hours

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It may happen that due to treatment situations
in the time from 12-14 o'clock
the answering machine is switched on.

Emergency service

In case of emergency, you can reach us as follows:
Dr. Jacobsen:
+49 431 79 94 96 50

If you are unable to reach us, please contact the emergency dental service at
+49 431 18 18 6.