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Sometimes it is too late and the caries has gnawed away at the tooth to the point that the nerve becomes inflamed and starts to hurt. In these cases, the only solution is often the removal of the nerve in the tooth, followed by preparation and sealing of the root canals - a so-called root canal treatment. The standard treatment here is manual preparation with steel files. This procedure is more time-consuming and not very precise. Better results in root canal treatment are achieved with machine preparation. Modern equipment is used for this, which both cleans the canals and allows the length of the canals to be determined precisely. Thus, during the preparation of the canals a constant and very precise control is guaranteed and an additional X-ray is avoided. The nickel-titanium files used are very flexible and adapt well, especially to curved root canals. Additional rinsing by ultrasound enables more thorough cleaning and removal of bacteria from the root canals. This is the only way to ensure that the treatment leads to long-term success. The health insurance company covers the costs of the standard treatment; for the mechanical variant, an additional cost agreement is necessary.

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