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cerec-bluecamWith the modern CEREC™ 3D process we can produce high-quality, metal-free and aesthetically pleasing ceramic restorations - inlays, crowns, veneers, bridges - for you. And that -if desired- in just one session. Thanks to the latest computer and camera technology, the often unpleasant impression is no longer necessary. Especially for patients with a pronounced gag reflex, this technique is an interesting alternative. The individually produced workpieces are completely made of ceramic, so that the metal core, which can have an allergic effect, can be dispensed with. This method is therefore also particularly attractive from a biological point of view.

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Dr. Jacobsen & Kollegen

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+49 431 77 4 77

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It may happen that due to treatment situations
in the time from 12-14 o'clock
the answering machine is switched on.

Emergency service

In case of emergency, you can reach us as follows:
Dr. Jacobsen:
+49 431 79 94 96 50

If you are unable to reach us, please contact the emergency dental service at
+49 431 18 18 6.